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Breakfast To Go

I’ve had the great honor of starting the journey that is Autism with a great family. When we first met, mom had so many questions, and was clearly scared of an unpredicatable future. She asked me questions like: “Why does he flap? Is that what they call a ‘stim’?” and “What is ‘low functioning’ autism”… Read More

Spacer Paper

  For those who have attended one of Greg Santucci’s workshop, this paper is very effective at improving legibility quickly. Feel free to print this out, make it into notebooks, and share it with your students. If you have questions about Spacer Paper or scheduling a workshop, please email gregsantucci@powerplaytherapy.com Spacer Paper Spacer Paper BIG

Dear Sticker…

Dear Sticker, I am SO sorry! When you were first created we never had any idea that there’d be SO MUCH PRESSURE on you to be SO MANY THINGS! A Decoration: Your shininess was supposed to add a little flair to cards or posters, but WOW have times changed! A Bribe: I’ve heard you are the… Read More

Kids frustrating you? Before you (over)react, “CHECK” yourself!

  As parents, we’ve all been there.   You told them: “Be careful, you’re gonna break it!”…aaaand it breaks. You’ve said: “Hurry up or we’re gonna be late!”…aaaand they don’t hurry…aaaand you’re late. You’ve yelled: “You’re going to hurt your brother!”…aaaand he gets hurt.   Patience: Gone. Blood: Boiling. Brain: RED!   It’s at this… Read More