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“Attention Seeking”: Is that a fair judgement?

A para-professional, friend, and overall wonderful person explained to me in school one day that the child I was working with was “attention seeking”. Seeing an opportunity, I showed her exactly WHY this child was NOT ATTENTION SEEKING. We gave him all the attention he needed. He called the shots. It was a complete disaster… Read More


I recently finished a national speaking tour and during one of my workshops, an experienced therapist asked me an excellent question. “DO you work on your IEP goals every session?” My initial answer was easy: NO! Allow me to explain. As therapists, we feel pressure to work; to prove ourselves; to be productive with the… Read More

Challenging behaviors? When THEY GO LOW, YOU GO LOW!

Get downstairs (in their brains)! Your kid won’t listen. It’s a constant battle. She only wants to do what she wants to do. He won’t sit still. He keeps throwing things or hitting other students. He’s constantly disrupting class. All of the above situations can be triggers for parents or teachers. For parents, it can… Read More